Dublin Blind Cleaning Services 

Residential Sector

If you look for a cleaning blinds service in Dublin or Greater Dublin, you're in the right place! We are a Business All-Star Accredited Company.

We professionally clean, repair and maintain all types of blinds:

·       Venetian Blinds

·       Roller Blinds

·       Wooden Blinds

·       FauxWood Blinds 

We provide , through our courteous  and professional field teams that take your blinds to our equipped workshop, where they are carefully inspected, fixed, with new parts where needed, then we return your blinds usually in max 2 working days and rehang them, with no mess or any trace of disturbance. 

For the cleaning process, we always take the blinds to the workshop, as we use one of our specialised machines to clean them, as well as inspect any faults, returning the with a new brand look. 

We are very flexible with your schedule, so we can arrange a time and date at you best convenience, out of business hours, weekends, late evenings or early morning.We usually quote the jobs over the phone, email, inquiry form, on request,  its free, quick and helpful.

Dublin Blind Cleaning is managed by experts. If we are unable to come collect your blinds for distance reasons you can always send you blinds to us with a courier system,  it takes 1 day for the blinds to get to us, we inspect and clean them as soon as they arrive and ship them back to you the following day.  It is a fast,easy,cheap and helpful way to give you blinds a new look and life.

Call 083 486 0085 for an over the phone free quote.

Email for free quote on blind cleaning: